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My story with american akitas begins from year 2003, when I got my first american akita Kira (Snowstory's Icy Wind) from Tuula Jokiaho. Since then we have become very good friends with Tuula and I do ow her a lot. Thank you for your friendship and knowledge over the years Tuula! 

Kira (Snowstory's Icy Wind) had her puppies with Tuula's breeding program in year 2005, and I had a dream to breed her myself after that. But after several attempts, couldn't get pregnant again. After that I started to plan and dream about being a breeder and started to look for another bitch. 

Nuca (Kitsune Goldfinger) came to us from Britain after search with help of Tuula. I wrote and connected with breeder David Chapman (Kitsune Akitas) who trusted us with Nuca, and few years later also Ronda (Kitsune Sleeping Beauty). I am so grateful to David of his friendship. Many years after I also got Senna (Kitsune Sky's The Limit) from UK, but unfortunatelly she had some nerv-system-problems and we had to let her go at age of 4. 

After we lost Nuca to spondylosis-problems, I had the opportunity to take a beautiful male from Tuula. Rhino (Snowstory's Mabon) came to live with us co-owned with Maarit Kelo. We had an amazing show-career with Rhino, he also was the happiest and most loving boy I have ever own. We lost him very suddenly at the age of 6, he had a tumour that led to internal bleeding and heart failure, and we were devastated. Luckily we have still Vivian who is close relations with Rhino, as she is Rhino's sisters daughter. We see a lot of same features in Vivian. 

I also got involved with Finnish American Akita Club. First, as a member of the board, then secretary and from the year 2008 I was the chairman of the board, all the way to end of the year 2016. After that I was a member of the board for couple of years, and then I decided to take a break from the Club board. Let some fresh minds and faces do the work for now.

Now I plan to focus for the breed, showing and breeding very occasionally. I have had two litters of leased bitches, years 2011 and 2012. After that I have had again some bad luck getting bitches pregnant or even having a bitch to breed. First time in years I have a healthy bitch with very good temperament to go ahead with the breeding plans.  


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Kitsune Sky's The Limit


Kitsune Goldfinger


Here are my past dogs: 

Rhino, Senna, Nuca and Kira.